21 September 2017

Toolkit 2: Life Drawing 1

20 minute pose
5 minute standing poses and a 30 minute seated pose.

I am pleased with the movement in the middle standing pose, and the placement and strength of the shadows. I will try to improve this further. I am also pleased with the centring of the figure to the right of the middle and I think the strong action line and my attempt to slow down helped here.
30 minute pose

My main goals for this year of life drawing are to slow down and be more precise, to centre my figures better using action lines and different line weights, and to experiment with different materials, including ink.

Perspectives Lecture 1 - Kill Bill

Postmodernism in Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' (2003)

The anime sequence partway through the film is very different from the rest of the film and Tarantino includes it confidently; he is not making bad decisions, he is intentionally breaking from traditional film making practices. Tarantino intentionally draws the viewers attention to the fact that they are watching a film, and increasingly so as the film goes on.
Non-Linear Narrative - the film is broken up into sections and they are not in chronological order. The viewer sees The Bride cross the second person off her death list before we see her write this list, and she writes the list after she crosses the first person off. There are also points in the film where we move more quickly back and forth in time than in others.
There is pastiche of film and music Genres. Tarantino combines different film genres and also plays music that wouldn't traditionally be combined with certain settings. Such as Spanish  and surfer music played over an action scene set in Tokyo that is influenced by Asian action films.

18 August 2017

Personal Work: Digital Painting

I drew this for my granny for her birthday. These are some of her most favourite flowers and she's very fond of gardening. She also always asks to see my work so I thought she would appreciate this and it would be good practice.

15 May 2017

CG Artist's Toolkit: Animation and Character - Showreel + Links + Reflective Statement


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 15&16
Lesson 17

12 Principles
Don Hertzfeldt
Lotte Reiniger
Bill Plympton
Richard Williams

Reflective Statement:
I enjoy animating very much, it still amazes me when I've been drawing frames for a bit and I hit play and the thing I have drawn is moving. Getting character into the animations is deceptively tricky and I can see that learning the skills to do this successfully is going to take a lot of time and effort. I hope to see myself improving in this when I put more work in.

I found myself underestimating the tasks, more work could always be done and I found the quality of my work slipping as I rushed to get things done on time. I intend to practice in Animate over the summer and complete the tasks that I have not done, so that I am more used to using the software and planning and drawing frames for animation.

CG Artist's Toolki: Maya - Links + Reflective Statement

Introduction to Maya 2016 -
Modelling in 3D Software
Block Modelling
Texturing Part 1 - Common Shaders
UV Layout
One, Two & Three Point Lighting
Batch Rendering
Animating in 3D Software
Animation Parts 1-4

Modelling 1: Digital Sets -
UV Mapping

Hard Surface Modelling
Organic Modelling

Pre-Viz -


Animation -

In Class and Supporting Software Work -
Wineglass Models
Illustrator Monster
Textures using Illustrator/Maya + GIF Making in Photoshop
Lighting/Rendering Cube
Animating Cube Texture
Animated Texture on Cube
Photoshop to After Effects - Parallax Animation

Reflective Statement:

I have found Maya to be very interesting and enjoyable. I had briefly encountered the software last year at college and modelled some simple things, but I found it much more interesting after learning about more elements of the software and am excited to learn more. I like the logical elements of Maya as much as I enjoy being able to design and build creatively.

I started out keeping on top of tutorials but let it slip just before Christmas and struggled to manage my time well enough to catch up. I remember thinking that I would just catch up later at several points when I was more stressed and I know that kind of thinking isn't sustainable. I intend to catch up over the summer, and to keep using Maya even when I am caught up, so that I don't forget what I have learnt by September.

Animation and Character: Lesson 15 & 16 - X-Sheet


11SecClub_September_Competition from Eleanor Row on Vimeo.

11SecClub_September_Competition_1 from Eleanor Row on Vimeo.

Animation and Character: Lesson 11 - Weight and Pulling

Rope Pulling Animation from Eleanor Row on Vimeo.